Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Well, I know this sounds cheesy, and something that almost everyone says this on their first post, but I'm going to go with the trend and say.....Welcome to my blog! My name is Orphan Lifeguard, but since that's a pretty long name you can call me by my nickname,Peach. ( Kinda random I know, its a long story.)

Okay now for the real reason you are here. My mission on this blog is to raise money for three main things,

-Well the obvious reason, for Orphans around the world!
-Also, Orphanages around the world that don't get very many donations or funds.
-And last, well that's open to whatever orphan related story that touches my heart, and tells me that I need to help, such as raising money for another organization that has the same vision as me.

YOU, as a reader and Blog Follower, can help me!  I will soon have a shop where I will be selling T-shirts. The money raised will either go out to buy supply's for the cause; such as clothes, games, toys, diapers, etc., or I will send the money to the organization.
I promise that I will always tell you exactly where your money or donation is going so you know aren't left in the dark.

If you don't feel like donating money, you can also talk to me about sending me a donation of items that are needed. Just comment on this blog telling me that you wish to send me a donation and we'll work it out form there.
I'm really excited to actually put my dream of helping orphans in need, into action, and I can't wait to make a difference! I hope that you will feel the same way.

~I never,ever, want you to feel like you are obligated to donate money just because you are reading this blog,I want you to donate something if you feel like this is a cause you want to support. Also if you cant donate anything, but feel like you want to help, you can donate by broadcasting my mission on Facebook,Twitter,to your friends, or even pray about me and my mission and that I will be able to make an impact in these orphans lives, and that would mean just as much to me as donating money. Thanks! O.L~


Darcee said...

Ooooooooooh I am SO excited to follow your new blog!!! YAY!!!!! I JUST LOVE IT!!!! You have got a GREAT BIG heart and I LOOOOVE your passion for the orphans!!!! Look forward to reading about LOTS of AWESOMENESS!!!! :)

Orphan Lifeguard said...

Thanks for your support Darcee!! Cant wait to really get started!!!!:)

Rachael said...

I think it is pretty cool too! =)

Jenelle said...

I love to see what you're doing! Sounds like we share the same passion! I'm looking forward to reading more!