Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bibles in the Bush

They started with 300.These 300 would educate, open eyes, open hearts, and most of all spread the never ending love God gives us. 300 Bibles. That's all Patrick and Jason thought they would need, but it turns out God had a different plan.

Bugabo Vilalge is a partly Christian, yet majority Witchcraft Village, in Uganda, Africa. There are about 200 people living in this village, so Patrick and Jason set off  with 300 Bibles to spread the word of God. Little did they know that they would touch many more lives. Within the first few days they gave out all 300 Bibles to the people of the village, and many others who traveled to receive the word of God. With many, many more people coming, they decided they couldn't stop now.

This is where you can come in. Patrick and Jason are praying to be able to purchase more Bibles by this Friday, hoping to spread the word of God even more. The Bibles are printed in the village's native language and cost $12 per Bible. If you feel called to, please make a donation towards this amazing cause. Visit their website, Touch + Lift Uganda 2012, to read more about their mission and learn how to donate (right side column).

This is an incredible mission, led by incredible people with an amazing story. So please, if you feel called to, donate now, and please pray for the Touch + Lift Uganda mission, and that they are able to purchase many more bibles and share the word of God.

Orphan Lifeguard

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Today was the Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party!! It was soo much fun and such a success!!!!
About 25 hard working teens showed up for the party, and they all pretty much broke into groups and made the pairs of shoes together. All the pairs of shoes made were definitely a team effort!! Every time this one team made a pair they broke out in screams (all in fun), making the other teams work faster, determined to catch up to this highly determined team.
Everyone had their own way of working. Some were very organized and made sure their pieces of fabric went a loooong ways, but some ...well lets just say it wasn't exactly organized....but they ended up with the same amount of pairs of shoes made as the organized teams, so it worked out in the end.
My friend and her mom came along too. It was fun hanging out with my best friend, and catching up because we haven't seen each other in a while, and at the same time we were cutting shoes to change a child's life. It was kinda fun to think about.
By the end  of our two hour party we had raised $215 for Sole Hope and made 46 pairs of shoes!!! I am sooo happy with these stats!!!! Everyone worked hard and all of the shoes look perfect!! 46 Children Now Have a Pair of Shoes!!! YAY!
The party ended with everyone hanging out with the Youth Group Leaders messing around with Conversation Candy Hearts and laughing.
THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU who came to the party today!!! Sole Hope will be very grateful for all of your guys' hard work!!!  I certainly appreciate the support and team work too!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Today Was the Day

Today Margret went into surgery to remove the tumors that were in her leg. The surgery was to be yesterday (our time), but they found out that Margret had a very special blood type and needed donors..I find that this fits Margret perfectly..she is a very special person much like her blood type:)

They found the donor needed and was able to proceed with the surgery today (our time). They were able to remove 2 of the 3 tumors and have sent them in for testing. They said that Margret did very well and is doing great. So overall the surgery was very much a success!!
I also found out that Margret LOVED the care book we sent her!! Thank you again to all of you that wrote Margret a letter during the Messages for Margret fundraiser. They were very special letters and I'm sure she reads them often.
This song is  a very inspiring song to me and describes everything Margret is going through right now. This is the first day of the rest of her life now that this surgery has taken out most of her tumors and she is now on the road to recovery.

Please pray for Margret as she recovers from the surgery and that the tests from the tumors come back as not cancer. Thanks!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ready for the Party!!!

Its almost here and I'm ready!!!! The Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party I'm hosting at my church is coming up this Sunday, and today I went shopping for the fabrics needed for the shoes. It was SO MUCH FUN!!!

My trek to find material for the shoes started at a local fabric store. It wasn't as easy as you would think.We asked if they would be willing to donate to our cause some old fabrics that they weren't going to use, but they had to call the manager, and then he had to call corporate, which told him to tell us to call customer service, because they didn't know if they were allowed to donate. So we politely took down the number, but decided in the car that it was wayyyyy too much of a hassle.

My next stop was my mom's idea. We went to our local bargain store and as soon as we entered the store we knew this was the place! The pants and jeans with red tags were all on sale for a DOLLAR!!!! Soft pants are the best for the insides of the shoes, and jeans are perfect material for the outsides. The Lord definitely provided.
It was sooo fun looking for the biggest pairs, coolest patterns/colors, and softest fabrics. We ended up with 11 pairs of jeans, and 11 pairs of pants. The cost came to about 22 dollars...that's almost about how much I would pay for one pair of my jeans!! And I was able to buy 22!! What a blessing!!
As soon as we got home my brother and I cut the jeans and ripped them in half to make them just a sheet of jean material...who knew that would be so fun?! Now I'm even MORE excited to start cutting the jeans and pants on Sunday!!
The materials are ready, the High Schoolers and Middle Schoolers at my church are ready, and so am I!!!  We will be making a difference in Africa...Sunday couldn't come soon enough!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, Another Project.....YAY!!!!!!!

Welcome to the New Year!!! I'm very thankful for how successful last year was with Orphan Lifeguard. I'm praying that 2012 will be equally great, and I will be fortunate enough to touch many more lives....but not without your help of course!!!

I'm very happy to announce I have teamed up with Sole Hope and my church's youth group for my January project!!

Watch this video to find out more about what I'll be up to in my monthly project.