Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bibles in the Bush

They started with 300.These 300 would educate, open eyes, open hearts, and most of all spread the never ending love God gives us. 300 Bibles. That's all Patrick and Jason thought they would need, but it turns out God had a different plan.

Bugabo Vilalge is a partly Christian, yet majority Witchcraft Village, in Uganda, Africa. There are about 200 people living in this village, so Patrick and Jason set off  with 300 Bibles to spread the word of God. Little did they know that they would touch many more lives. Within the first few days they gave out all 300 Bibles to the people of the village, and many others who traveled to receive the word of God. With many, many more people coming, they decided they couldn't stop now.

This is where you can come in. Patrick and Jason are praying to be able to purchase more Bibles by this Friday, hoping to spread the word of God even more. The Bibles are printed in the village's native language and cost $12 per Bible. If you feel called to, please make a donation towards this amazing cause. Visit their website, Touch + Lift Uganda 2012, to read more about their mission and learn how to donate (right side column).

This is an incredible mission, led by incredible people with an amazing story. So please, if you feel called to, donate now, and please pray for the Touch + Lift Uganda mission, and that they are able to purchase many more bibles and share the word of God.

Orphan Lifeguard

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Patrick said...

Thank you friend for sharing our journey... It encourage us to press on!

In His Glorious Name,