Sunday, January 29, 2012


Today was the Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party!! It was soo much fun and such a success!!!!
About 25 hard working teens showed up for the party, and they all pretty much broke into groups and made the pairs of shoes together. All the pairs of shoes made were definitely a team effort!! Every time this one team made a pair they broke out in screams (all in fun), making the other teams work faster, determined to catch up to this highly determined team.
Everyone had their own way of working. Some were very organized and made sure their pieces of fabric went a loooong ways, but some ...well lets just say it wasn't exactly organized....but they ended up with the same amount of pairs of shoes made as the organized teams, so it worked out in the end.
My friend and her mom came along too. It was fun hanging out with my best friend, and catching up because we haven't seen each other in a while, and at the same time we were cutting shoes to change a child's life. It was kinda fun to think about.
By the end  of our two hour party we had raised $215 for Sole Hope and made 46 pairs of shoes!!! I am sooo happy with these stats!!!! Everyone worked hard and all of the shoes look perfect!! 46 Children Now Have a Pair of Shoes!!! YAY!
The party ended with everyone hanging out with the Youth Group Leaders messing around with Conversation Candy Hearts and laughing.
THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU who came to the party today!!! Sole Hope will be very grateful for all of your guys' hard work!!!  I certainly appreciate the support and team work too!

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ese*j said...

Very beautiful! WE did one of these a few months ago, and from it two new groups are going to host them! That is the beauty of Sole Hope, that from one party comes another. Many blessings in your work to love the orphan!
-elisa (@averageadvocate)