Sunday, October 9, 2011

All for Fun and Fun for All!

It's about the fun, the exercise, getting energy out, and of course being a kid! If the kids in the Ukrainian Orphanage don't have sports balls, they can't do these things to their fullest!
The Dorm/Living Area of the Orphanage
You can't play basketball without the ball!! It would be called basket... that's it! Basket! No ball, no game. Sad, right?

Same thing with Soccer! Without the ball there is no game, and with no game, there is no exercise, no team building, no sportsmanship, no outdoor fun!! (or indoor, depending on rules:) ) 

We are soo close to our goal, we only need $4.80 to bring kids in Ukraine exercise! I know my Chip-In account says that we have raised $250, but with the sales I have got from my T-shirts, and donations by hand, we have raised $295.50! Thank YOU!! We can do it!

Thank you to the following people for the generous contributions by buying a shirt or donating cash:

Your donations were VERY much appreciated!!!! 

Also don't forget to broadcast about my blog, and to tell me when you do, so you can be entered into my contest!!!!*

We can do this! It's All For Fun and Fun For All!! 

*All of the people listed above have been entered into the contest, including all of my Followers and those that have shared my blog. 

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