Sunday, October 30, 2011


Look at her, she's a typical teenage girl, havin' fun with the camera. This photo was taken on the way to her doctor appointment, and even though on the ride there she was nervous, she found ways to have fun. Help me bring another sweet smile to this teenage girls face, in a scary time in her life, and write a Message to Margret ASAP!!!

For those who donated, you have a Carepages invite waiting for you to respond to in your email. It only takes like 2 seconds to get on my message board. Just write from your heart. A simple act of kindness, writing to a teen in Zambia, from the convenience of your computer that most Americans are on 24/7, will mean THE WORLD  to Margret and me.

So pleeease write!!! I can't wait to make her book of messages and send it to her!

Thank you SO much!

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