Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Add a splash of color to your winter wardrobe with the Orphan Lifeguard T-shirts!!!  You will be bursting with style while helping orphans in need!!
All profits go towards my purchase of sports balls, an air pump, and extra luggage fee to get the sports equipment to a specific Ukrainian Orphanage. Every time you wear the shirt - you get the chance to share about Orphan Lifeguard AND the kids you are helping. 

They fit great. They feel good. They are the new t-shirt in your closet that you will fall in love with!

AND ... THANK YOU FOR ALL OF THE DONATIONS BECAUSE WE HAVE GONE OVER OUR $300 GOAL!!! We did with cash donations, t-shirt sales, and ChipIn donations!!!  Wow, we are amazing!! If more money comes in it will continue to go towards the items already mentioned. More donations means more sports balls for the kids in Ukraine!

Thank You and Happy T-shirt Wearing!!!

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