Saturday, October 1, 2011

My October Project ~ Score A Goal 4 Ukraine

This month I have chosen my project to be for a boarding school/orphanage in Ukraine in a town called Novomykolaivka. This orphanage houses kids from ages 1st through 9th grade.
What's special about this orphanage is that some of these kids get to be hosted through New Horizons at different family homes in America, and  80% of the time they get adopted by their hosting families or somebody they met while being hosted.
You can read more about this organization by going to the New Horizon's website. By hosting through New Horizons my friend Rachael found her son Sergiy, who is living in this orphanage that I will be raising funds for. The adoption paperwork has begun for Sergiy and soon he will be home with his family.

Rachael has agreed to take the donations that Orphan Lifeguard receives to the boarding school when she visits in November.
My goal is to raise $300. Of that, $75 will go towards the fee for the extra baggage on the plane and the remaining $225 will be used for me to purchase soccer balls, basketballs, footballs, and an air pump. These items were a common wish from the boys in the boarding school.

If you feel ready to help, you can donate money by selecting my Chip In button on the right sidebar. Any dollar amount will be much appreciated!  If we could rally just 30 people to donate $10 - then we would be on our way to those athletic balls for the kids.

I will also be selling Orphan Lifeguard T-Shirts that you can buy to help donate for Ukraine.The funds from the T-shirts will be combined with the cash donations that  will go towards our $300 goal.

Thank you for helping bring joy to these children in the Ukraine. You will be making an impact in their lives by helping me with this fundraiser; changing their lives right away.

Thanks for helping Orphan Lifeguard Score A Goal 4 Ukraine!!!

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