Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Starbucks Challenge

I have a challenge for you....if you have a strong will, and great persistence, this should be easy.

No Starbucks for a day. "WHAT?! No STARBUCKS!" Calm down, its only if you want to help our Score a Goal 4 Ukraine project. If you want to take on the challenge then keep reading. If not, I totally understand. Just go take a break and calm yourself down with your Starbucks.

Here's what you have to do: instead of swinging by for your special treat at Starbucks, I challenge you to donate that dollar amount to help bring fun to kids with Score a Goal 4 Ukraine. Even if it is just one time. One day. It will make a difference to the awesome kids in Ukraine who I am supporting through my efforts to raise money for sports balls. 

Also don't forget, if you donate, follow or share my blog, you will automatically be put into the drawing for a exclusive Orphan Lifeguard item. The drawing will be aired Live here on November 1st at a still to-be-determined time..I cant wait!!!!

We need YOUR help to reach our goal!!!! 

Do you accept the challenge?

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