Sunday, October 2, 2011


We've gotta get the word out!! In order to reach our goal of $300 we need to tell everyone, I mean EVERYONE about Orphan Lifeguard!! Tweet about it, Facebook, Blog, Text, E-mail, I don't care how you do it! But we need as big of an audience as possible!! 

Perhaps you are thinking,"What's in it for me?". Well of course there is the obvious reason; you are bringing joy to kids in Ukraine. BUT I know that it would be more fun if there was a contest involved. 

Here's what you have to do:

1. Broadcast. Tell people about my mission. Tell people to become a Follower of Orphan Lifeguard. Encourage donations and T-shirt sales. Get on all forms of social media forums and talk about Orphan Lifeguard. 

2. For each broadcast - let me know!! Comment back on any of my posts to tell me how you shared about Orphan Lifeguard. For each broadcast, you will be entered that many times into my drawing. 

3. My Current Followers have already been entered in my drawing bucket!!! If you are new - Follow me, and you will be entered too!

4. The Prize?? An exclusive Orphan Lifeguard item!

5. Make sure you tune to my blog on November 1st, at a to-be-determined time, to see me Live!!  to announce the winner of the contest!!!

I can't reach my goal without you!! So start typing, dialing, following and get the word out about Orphan Lifeguard!!!!!!!!! 


Mike said...

I tweeted and posted your contest on my FB page.

Monique said...

I posted to my FB page your contest. :-) Good luck!